Customer Data Leakage Prevention - the security solution that works in your data

  • Uncover internal data misuse with control addresses introduced from outside.
  • As real customers, control addresses are invisible to almost all employees.
  • Make points in data protection with an additional security solution.

Customer Data Leakage Prevention

Your customer data is the primary target of attacks on your company. More than 50% of entrepreneurs surveyed see the greatest risk internally - through their own employees. Reasons for such insider attacks can be job changes, dissatisfaction, financial incentives or revenge actions. Technical protection measures often do not work for employees or are easy to circumvent. In mystery shopping, control addresses are placed in the customer database through real purchases - invisible to employees. Data theft is discovered the moment the stolen data is contacted.

Some examples from our longstanding practice - these cases were uncovered by adreko Mystery Shopping control addresses:

  • Free employee (IT) copies customer database and later sells it to a competitor.
  • Marketing manager becomes self-employed with competing companies and suddenly advertises to the customers of the former employer.
  • employee gives a friend who has just started with a competitor access to his own customer data as a "jump-start".

After an exposure, we document in a legally secure manner in order to be able to enforce your claims and advise you on the initiation of legal action.


Many employees are not even aware under the GDPR how serious violations of data protection within the company are to be taken. Therefore, you should first of all focus on education and have your employees trained in data protection.

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